HGB Kickstarter Preview: NuCoal Cuirassier Model & News!

Today we preview the new Cuirassier 3d model for the NuCoal faction. Checkout the 3d model images below of NuCoal's Strike Gear. As with our other new models the Cuirassier parts will have ball and socket connections between the torso and other parts for the greatest poseability possible. Plus 2 part arms/shoulders that the lower arm can be rotated and posed as desired. The Cuirassier will be a plastic miniature release as part of Core NuCoal forces in the upcoming Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter #2.

As announced in an earlier update we decided to delay the launch the next Kickstarter to allow for the last three NuCoal 3d models to be finished up. Its taken a bit longer than we expected for the modelers to find the time in their freelance schedules to work on our models. One of them just finished up the Cuirassier which we are previewing today and he is now moving on to the Chevalier 3d model and the other is still working on the Chasseur 3d model. We'll have to delay the Kickstarter launch again, as we need the models finished before the launch. Once they are finished we'll look at the timing and see if we can get a shorter two week Kickstarter in before Christmas. We think its not a good idea to run a Kickstarter over the Christmas holidays and would be better to wait until January if that's the case.

Thank you all for your support, we hope you enjoy the Cuirassier preview.