HGB 2017 Kickstarter Preview: NuCoal Chasseur Model & Launch Date Set!

Today we preview the new Chasseur 3d model for the NuCoal faction. Checkout the 3d model images below of NuCoal's Trooper Gear with walking and hover movement modes. The Chasseur also has ball and socket connections between the torso and other parts, plus 2 part arms/shoulders that the lower arm can be rotated for the most poseability possible. It will be a plastic miniature release as part of Core NuCoal forces in the upcoming Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter #2.

Also, tonight we wanted to show the Cuirassier 3d model with its command head mounted on a hex base and new vibro blade. And a new left leg running pose that will be a mini stretch goal to add to the parts sprue during the Kickstarter.

We have been reading everyone's feedback and emails on our idea of possibly running a shorter two week Kickstarter before Christmas or waiting until later in January. It seams most don't like the idea of a short Kickstarter just before Xmas. Right now we are only waiting on the Chevalier 3d model to launch and it should be finished this weekend. We really want to keep our promise of a 2017 Kickstarter launch and not have our 2018 schedule pushed back. So we have decided forge ahead and set the launch date to next Wednesday evening, December 6th, 2017. We plan to run a 31 day Kickstarter campaign ending on Saturday evening, January 6th, 2018.

The Kickstarter will be run in Canadian Dollars (CAD), as we are based in Montreal, Canada. Our initial goal will be to raise $50,000 CAD ($38,462 USD) to cover the costs of 2 plastic injections molds with 8 robot sprues and the plastic costs for backer rewards. The first 2 molds would include the core Peace River and NuCoal forces. The Peace River force would consist of 4x Warrior, 4x Warrior IV, 2x Skirmesher, and 2x Crusader IV models. The NuCoal force would consist of 4x Chasseur, 4x Cuirassier, 2x Jerboa, and 2x Chevalier models. With pledge reward levels of $70 CAD ($54 USD) for a single army commander and any stretch goals add-ons unlocked for that army. Our main pledge level will be $130 CAD ($100 USD) for the Peace River and NuCoal forces plus any stretch goals add-ons unlocked during the Kickstarter. Major stretch goals include the Utopian force of Armigers and Drones, plus the Argos for Peace River, Arbalestier for NuCoal, and Ettin for Utopia. Plus lots on mini stretch goals and add-ons.

We hope you will all join us and support our second Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter to make plastic miniatures for the core models of Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia.