Annual Holiday Time Xmas Gift Preview!

Its the Holiday Season again and time for our Annual Xmas Gift reveal, before the insanity of next HGB Kickstarter launch. This year Phil is showing some love for our Utopia fans with a Chibi Commando N-Kidu Drone as this years Xmas gift. The Chibi N-Kidu is a resin model 30 mm tall by 37 mm wide. It includes 2 extra parts first a back leg post for when displayed in the tabletop and second a small loop part that can be glued to the top to pass a thread thru and turn your Chibi in to a Christmas Tree Ornament. See the assembled resin model, resin parts, and photo of it on a small Xmas Tree attached with this post.

The Chibi N-Kidu will be added into all DP9 Online Store Orders from now to the morning of January 3rd, 2018 for all overs $100 USD before any shipping costs. Limit 1 free Chibi N-Kidu per customer, if you want more that one we`ll have them also available starting this coming weekend to order on the online store for $16.99 USD each. Phil is going to paint up the Chibi then we`ll take photos and get it added to the online store.

For our Kickstarter Backers we`ll also have the Chibi N-Kidu Drone and previously announced Chibi Jerboa, plus the Chibi Chieftain available as an Add-Ons for extra pledge.

We`ll be launching the Kickstarter around 8 pm EST tonight, we are just tweaking the video right now and getting it all already to go. We make another post tonight when it launches and we hope you will all join us in supporting our second HGB Kickstarter, have a Happy Holidays.