HGB Utopia Kickstarter Update: DP9 Pledge Manager is Live and Invite Emails are been sent to the Backers!

The Dream Pod 9 Pledge Manager website, used previously for our Jovian Wars Kickstarter, has be updated for the Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Kickstarter and is now live. If you previously supported our JW KS you should have received an email on Friday saying that reward points equal to your HGB Utopia KS pledge had been added to your account. You can login using your current password and select your reward level and add-ons. For all our other HGB Utopia Backers we'll be sending out invite emails in the next 24 hours with a link to the DP9 Pledge Manager website and a temporary login password. You'll use the same email address used to login in to Kickstarter in the pledge manger with the temporary password sent in the email. If you don't see an email in your inbox in the next 24 hours, check your spam or junk mail folder just encase.

We are now aiming to launch the Peace River and NuCoal Kickstarter on Wednesday Evening March 21st 2018, once we get the graphics and Kickstarter video finished up. For those who missed the Utopia Kickstarter we plan to have the Utopia Captain Reward (36 plastic minis) and the resin MAR-DK and Gilgamesh minis, Utopia Decals, Utopia Patch, Utopia Commander Tokens Pack, and Chibi N-KIDU resin model available as Add-Ons during the PR & NC Kickstarter.