Kickstarter Update: Peace River Black Wind VTOL Silicone Molds and First Resin Miniature Preview!

Today we have a follow up on the Peace River Black Wind Steath VTOL which we showed the 3d model and 3d printed parts in a previous update. Alain Gadbois over at Fusion Models had time earlier this week to finish up the first set of silicone molds and cast-up a first set of resin parts. Alain has over 30 years experience of mold making, casting resin, and is a highly skilled sculptor and model maker. He was Dream Pod 9's first miniature/model sculptor when Dream Pod 9 first started and is also responsible for the full size Gear made to promote the original Heavy Gear Computer Game by Activision. The Black Wind resin mini is 114mm long by 99mm wide and is included in the Hero of Peace River Army Commander and Hero of the Badlands Commander reward levels and as an Add-On for an extra pledge.

Check out the attached photos of the silicone molds, first resin parts cast, and assemble resin miniature below. Also took photo of the Black Wind with a Dragonfly Hopper and some of the older Peace River pewter miniatures to show how big it is.

Alain's next project is the Peace River Uhlan Strider that he'll start work on next week, cleaning up all the parts and then making the silicone molds. Once he gets those finished up and a first set of resin parts cast-up we'll get photos taken and make another update to show you all how it turns out.

The Black Wind is being offered first to our Kickstarter Backers, after all the Backer Reward Packages have been shipped then it will be made available on the DP9 Online Store, and via our retailers for order. You can show your support for Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter by clicking on the link below and making a pledge today!…/heavy-gear-blitz-peace-river-…