Kickstarter Update: Chasseur Plastic Miniature 3d Printed Parts & Assembly Preview!

This update we have a preview of the NuCoal Chasseur plastic miniature 3d printed parts. A Big Thank You, to the newest member of the Dream Pod 9 team, Stephen Rider, for 3d printing the parts on his Formlabs printer, doing a quick cleanup, assembly, and taking some photos. The Chasseur 3d model parts are the first test parts printed, we plan on 3d printing all the new plastic miniature parts to check size and fit of the parts and then make any adjustments needed to the 3d models.

Stephen assembled a Chasseur Grenadier variant (Grenade Launcher) with running pose legs, and had fun adding an extra Frag Cannon on the left hand. Checkout all the parts, quick assembly, and primed in black Chasseur photos below.