Kickstarter Update: NuCoal 3D Models Larger Images with All Variants Shown!

Today we added new graphics to the Kickstarter campaign page with larger images of the 4 NuCoal 3d models (Chevalier, Jerboa, Cuirassier, and Chasseur) and all their variants. You can checkout all the new images below.

We want to thank all our backers and let you know that Dream Pod 9 is committed to reaching our $50K CAD Stretch Goal 09 for the second plastic injection mold that will include the Chevalier, Jerboa, Crusader IV, and Skirmisher models. We'll run an extra funding campaign using our Pledge Manager website once its open to raise the remaining pledges needed from outside backers. Right now with $36.8K CAD Pledged thats just $13.2K CAD more to get and hopefully it will be a lot less when the Kickstarter ends in 53 hours.

We have made available the Chevalier, Jerboa, Crusader IV, and Skirmisher models along with the Chasseur, Cuirassier, Warrior, and Warrior IV models as Add-Ons for an extra pledge, on the main campaign page and the Pledge Calculator Excel Sheet (download) has been updated for those who want extras, on top of the 3 of each with will be included in the various reward level packages when the Stretch Goal 09 is unlocked.

Click the Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter (Ending Saturday Evening May 26th, 2018) link below and show your support.…/heavy-gear-blitz-peace-river-…