Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Minis Extra Funding Campaign!

The Pledge Total is $42,781.00 CAD as of this post (morning of July 9th, 2018) and we’ll update the total each day on the DP9 Website.

DP9’s Extra Funding Campaign for our Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures is now live on the DP9 Pledge Manager website, click the link below. Our Kickstarter raised over $40K CAD, unlocking our initial funding goal and numerous stretch goals, but not the $50K CAD goal we really wanted to reach. Hence our Extra Funding Campaign, please support Dream Pod 9 as an Outside Backer and pickup a new plastic miniatures army for Peace River, NuCoal, and/or Utopia at $70 CAD each. Or our Badlands Commander reward level at $100 CAD that includes both the Peace River & NuCoal plastic miniature armies, checkout all the great reward level deals and maybe pickup a few Add-Ons as well.

Login and create your pledge manager account, select your reward level and any add-ons and then checkout paying your pledge and fixed shipping cost. Backer reward packages are expected to start shipping in early 2019.

If your already a Backer, but have not registered yet on the DP9 Pledge Manager, don’t create a new account as it won’t your pledge saved to it. Please login to Kickstarter account and checkout our latest Backers only update. If you need help you can always email Robert at and he’ll be happy to help.

Here are images below of the Badlands Commander and the 3 different Army Reward Levels.