Kickstarter Update: Arbalestier 3d Printed Parts Preview!

Last week we received the NuCoal Arbalestier 3d printed parts. We took a photo of the parts to show everyone how they turned out, if you click on the image below it will open a larger version. The parts have now been given to Fusion Models who will do final clean up (removing the small 3d printing sprue attachment points). Then they'll make silicon molds to produce the parts used in making our vulcanized rubber production mold for the pewter minis. Please note that the Arbalestier medium vibro blade part is missing from the parts photo, somehow it was not printed and is being 3d printed and shipped out to us later this week. As you can see in the parts photo there are two sets of leg parts (running and standing pose), when the Arbalestier Single Pack pewter mini is made we'll randomly put either the running or standing legs in the pack. If you have a Reward Level including an Arbalestier or have selected the Arbalestier(s) as Add-Ons and wish to have a specific leg pose please email Robert Dubois directly at with your request. And please be sure to include your Kickstarter backer name and real name in the request email, so we can easily find and add a note on your pledge manager order sheet.

Here is an image of the Arbalestier 3d model images we made for an earlier update so you can see how the Arbalestier looks in running or standing pose and what the medium vibro blade looks like.

Also last week we received more of the acrylic Peace River and NuCoal Commander Tokens (see photo below) and more Decal Packs for both factions as well. We'll be sorting the Commander Tokens into packs and bagging them in the coming weeks. So we have them ready to pull for the backer reward packages requiring them.

We also received the 3d printed parts for the Utopia Gilgamesh Command Tank last week, we'll be doing an update to the Utopia Kickstarter later this week with lots of photos. And the next update to the Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter will be images of the finished NuCoal model sprues.