Venus Kickstarter Update – 3D Printed Parts Photos Preview, Venus Pewter Parts Mold Preview & News!

As promised this weeks update includes photos of the 3d printed parts for remaining Venus spaceships and exos/bomber squads. The spaceship print parts in the photos still need to be cleaned up, as they still have small nubs on them where they were attached to the 3d print spruing. The small exo-armors and bomber parts are shown still on their 3d printing sprues and will be carefully removed and cleaned up as well. Photos of the Tsar ship and Reinzi bomber 3d parts are attached with this post, to see the other ship and exo-armor part visit the full Venus Kickstarter Update at the following link.…/jovian-wars-ven…/posts/2414014

Plus we have a preview of the first pewter parts vulcanized rubber mold for the Venus weapon parts to be included with the resin spaceships. Additional vulcanized rubber molds will be made for the other small weapon parts and the new exo-armor and bomber squads, to be caste in pewter. We wanted to show you all a bit of what it takes to make the pewter weapon parts for the ship. We received the 3d printed weapon parts used on the Satrap, Tsar, Gao-Tzu, and Shan-Yu back at the start of the kickstarter. They were cleaned up and silicone molds were made of the parts and they were caste in Task 8 resin, which is high temperature resistant resin. Those resin parts were then used to make the vulcanized rubber mold needed for pewter casting. We made the mold at the Dream Pod 9 office using a mold vulcanized, where the parts are carefully placed between 2 soft rubber discs. Then the rubber is cooked under high temperature and very high pressure until the soft rubber vulcanized (becomes harder and rigid). Then while the mold is still hot, gates to all the parts are cut into it for the molten pewter to flow into the part cavities during spin casting. And small air vents are cut from the parts to the mold edges to allow air to exit as the molten pewter flows in. After the pewter has cooled and hardened the pewter parts sprue is removed from the vulcanized rubber mold and the parts removed from the large ring spruing, which is melted later to make more parts.

In other news we received the purple D6 dice with white dots and have started bagging them up for our Venus Kickstarter Stretch Goal #07 which adds 6x Purple D6 Dice to all Captain and higher reward level packages.