HGB Feedback Friday (March 1st, 2019) – Alpha Rules Update and New Minis 3d Models & Variant Parts Preview!

Welcome to our latest week of the new Feedback Friday for our 2019 Heavy Gear Blitz rules revision discussion. This week we've updated the Alpha Rules to v1.1 based on feedback from the previous week. Our main focus is still rules updates needed to improve game-play and we have started faction sub-lists force discussion threads on the DP9 Forum. One decision we have come to is that Passive ECM will need to become an optional rule with some changes to it, and we need your feedback and ideas on the changes. You can checkout the full "Alpha Rules Update" post with links to download the updated Alpha Rules word file and other excel files on the DP9 Forum at the link below, login and join the discussion.


We also want to share some images of new 3d models that we added to the models list recently. Attached you can see the new Armored Hunter, Bear Hunter, Spearhead Hunter, and Zerstorer Hunter 3d models to be released. For the Spearhead Hunter we plan to release it as a single pack and as custom upgrade parts pack for the Hunter (including Sprearhead Hunter Head, HAC, and SatUplink) on the DP9 Online Store.

We are also preparing some variant upgrade parts, see the attached graphic. The Artillery Cobra is finally getting some love, the Defender Grizzly's new twin MAAM part is also on the horizon, and last but not least, the Naga Sniper is getting its 2x MLC and LPL parts. These variant upgrade parts and others will be available on the DP9 Online Store this Summer.