Venus Kickstarter Update: Gao Tzu, Shan Yu, Tsar, and Senator Spaceship Minis!

We received the first copies of the Venus Gao Tzu, Shan Yu, Tsar, and Senator resin spaceships this week. You can checkout photos below of them all assembled and mounted on acrylic posts and bases. The Shan Yu Battlecruiser looks really deadly with all it weapons deployed and hangers either open or closed. Plus, we have parts photos of each of the 4 spaceships as well.

Fusion Models will be busy for the next month or two casting all the resin parts we need, while we cast-up the pewter parts. The first Venus Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages are expected to start shipping at the end of next week and we plan to have them all shipped by the end May.

Also, we've opened our Jovian Wars – Venus Forces Kickstarter Pledge Manager website to outside backers. Here is a link to it for all interested in getting some of these amazing spaceship minis.…