DP9 Office Closed May 29th to June 6th for a Short Staff Vacation!

The Dream Pod 9 Office will be closed until June 6th, 2019 for a short vacation, to recharge the staff’s batteries before the busy summer convention season starts. All DP9 Online Store orders and Jovian Wars Venus Kickstarter Backer Pledge Manager orders received up to this Monday (May 27th, 2019) have been shipped to Customers and Backers. We still have a few JW Venus Backers that need to login to their accounts on the DP9 Pledge Manager, enter their reward package orders and pay the fixed shipping cost. We’ll be back in the office on Friday (June 7th, 2019) answering emails & requests then, and our next scheduled shipping will be the following week.

There is still time to join our Jovian Wars Venus or Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia and Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarters as Outside Backers, and get an amazing reward package. Click the DP9 Pledge Manager link below to check them all out.