Various Dream Pod 9 and Player created Facebook Groups, the DP9 Forum, and Links to Check Them Out!

We’ve had a few requests to know what Facebook Groups are out there for the various DP9 game systems and universes. DP9 post regularly to its Facebook page at and has a few groups it takes care of, like our Pod Squad demo teams with the main group called Pod Squad and sub-groups for different locations like Japan and others. We also post all Dream Pod 9 news to the our website at and to our Forum at The DP9 Forum is also the official place to discuss rules, both new (Friday Feedback) and old for our various games. Its also the place we post upcoming game demos and conventions we or our Pod Squad members will being attending. Plus its where we host our annual Golden Gear and new for 2019 our Golden Exo miniature painting contests.

There are quite a few Facebook Groups created by players for Heavy Gear & Heavy Gear Blitz, which include Terra Nova DMZ, Heavy Gear World, Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear Blitz Europe, & Heavy Gear Blitz France. For our Jovian Chronicles & Jovian Wars fans there are the Joshua Station and Jovian Wars Tabletop Wargaming groups. Here are all the Facebook Groups that we know of, some public and some you will need to ask to join, with links to check them out.

Pod Squad (Pod Squad Members must ask to Join)

Pod Squad Japan

Terra Nova DMZ – Heavy Gear Universe Fans

Heavy Gear World

Heavy Gear Blitz

Heavy Gear Blitz Europe

Heavy Gear Blitz France

Heavy Gear Blitz Buy, Sell, and Trade

Joshua Station – Jovian Chronicles Universe Fans Facebook

Jovian Wars Tabletop Wargaming