Utopia Kickstarter: Final Test Pops Assembled Plastic Miniatures!

While attending the Otakuthon 2019 this last weekend, Phil took the time to start assembling some of the final test pop Utopia plastic minis. They turned out great and we took some good photos of them today (front views and rear/side views) to share with you all in the post below. We’ll get the rest of the test pop plastic miniature sprues assembled to show all the Utopia model variants and then give them to Phil to get painted.

We didn’t find any problems with fit of parts for the test pop minis that we assembled, so we have given final approval of the plastic injection molds. They will be prepared and crated up for sea transport and shipped out in the coming week or so, and should arrive in Montreal at the end of September.

We also approved the Peace River and NuCoal plastic injection molds and we’ll be doing another Kickstarter Update post tomorrow with photos of their assembled test pops minis.