HGB Kickstarter: Peace River Uhlan Strider & Gen Con 2013 Chieftain IV Painted Minis!

Another small update today with photos of the Peace River Uhlan Strider, available as part of the HGB Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter, that Phil got painted up and decals added last week. He did a great job and added pins to the weapons so we could easily swap weapons for the photos. Check out the stock model front and back, plus all the Uhlan variants and upgrades.

We also gave him the Gen Con 2013 Exclusive Chieftain IV to paint, as we never got one painted up back then. You can see how it looks from different angles in the photo below. We sell these miniatures at conventions DP9 attends, during the Gen Con Week of our DP9 Online Store Summer Sale, and during our Xmas Sale, when it will be available again to purchase.