HGB Utopia Kickstarter Update: Painted Gilgamesh Command Tank and Plastic Miniatures Preview!

This week Phil finished painting up the Utopia Gilgamesh Command Tank and the new Utopia plastic miniatures. We picked them up from him on Wednesday and took lots of photos. He did an amazing job, adding some dark green to their grey color scheme to match the green in the Utopia logo and finishing them up with decals. First up is the Gilgamesh, which Phil took the time to magnetize the parts before painting so that most of the larger weapons (HPA & HSC main guns and turreted MRL & MRCs) and parts (SatUp link, large side modules, and rear claws) can be easily swapped. Some of the Gilgamesh photos include the new plastic Utopia minis, MAR-DK, and the CEF’s HHT-90 Overlord Class Hovertank for scale. The Gilgamesh is now the largest Heavy Gear Blitz miniature, its HUGH! We also took group photos of all 36 plastic minis and just the Commando, Recce, and Support (Armigers and Drones together) and with the Gilgamesh, you can check them out below.

Phil now has the new Peace River plastic miniatures to get painted up. After that he’ll be on the NuCoal plastic minis, we’ll post more updates once each are done.