HGB Kickstarter Update – Painted Peace River Plastic Miniatures Preview!

This week Phil finished painting up the new Peace River plastic miniatures. He did another amazing job, with their red and grey color scheme, finishing them up with numbering and Peace River logo decals. We took photos today of the 18 painted plastic minis together and in groups of the 6 Warriors, 6 Warrior IVs, 3 Crusader IVs, and 3 Skirmishers, check them out below. Plus photos of the new Peace River Force now possible thanks to the our Kickstarter Backers. The Force image below includes the painted up plastic minis, Black Wind VTOL resin mini, Uhlan Strider resin mini, Spartan two pack pewter minis, Jackal two pack pewter minis, and Mameluk infantry fighting vehicle two pack resin & pewter minis.

Phil now has the new NuCoal plastic miniatures to get painted up, once he’s done we’ll post another update.