Golden Gear 2019 Entry Photos Arriving and Infantry Improvements for HGB Ver 3.0 Discussion!

A quick reminder for all our Heavy Gear Blitz fans, our annual Golden Gear Painting Competition is on right now, with 4 categories and prizes for each below. We posted photos of the first entries in our DP9 Forum thread today and have attached them with this post for everyone to checkout. Get painting your HGB/HGA minis, take photos and email them to Robert Dubois at by the end of November 2019.

The Categories:
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider, or Other Vehicle)
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Combat Group (Combat Group of Four or more HGB/HGA Miniatures)
– Best Duelist Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Equipped with Duelist Weapons)
– Pimp My Gear (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider, or Other Vehicle – All Pimped Out with a Flashy Paint Scheme, Custom & Scratch Builds are encouraged for this category. Note: You don’t need to make an actual Pimp as some did in our first Pimp My Gear Contest.)

Prize for each Category Winner:
1 Golden Gear 2019 Trophy + $100 DP9 Online Store Credit.

The Rules:
– Entries must be Heavy Gear Blitz (HGB) or Heavy Gear Arena (HGA) miniatures. Pimp My Gear entries can be custom builds but should include some recognizable HGB/HGA parts.
– Entry Deadline is Midnight EST on November 30th 2019.
– Email up to five photos per entry to please include your full name. By submitting your photos you grant Dream Pod 9 the right to publish the submitted photos. Entrants may submit entries to multiple categories, with a maximum of 3 entries per category. Current Dream Pod 9 Montreal Staff are excluded from the competition.
– Judging will be done by the Dream Pod 9 Montreal Staff (Robert Dubois, Philippe F. LeClerc, and Alain Gadbois) in early December and Winners Announced.

We’ll post all the entries as they are received in the DP9 Forum thread at the following link. Get your photos in now.…

Also, we have taken the time to work on improvements to the infantry for the upcoming HGB ver. 3.0 Rules. A discussion thread has been started on the DP9 Forum at the following link and we want everyone’s feedback on the improvements.