HGB Kickstarter Update: Utopia Mold Testing For Production Run And First Plastic Pops!

The plastic injection molds have arrived at Plasti-World Products here in Montreal, the local plastics manufacturer who will be popping all the plastic sprues for us. They have cleaned the Utopia mold, removing all the grease that it was coated with for transport by sea cargo ship. This takes a while to get the grease out of all the parts cavities and this week they did testing in preparation for the molds production run. I went over to visit during the testing and took some photos of the plastic injection machine with Utopia mold during some of the test runs. You can checkout the photos below with text notes on each. I also took photos of the Utopia production run test pop spures made in grey color polystyrene plastic and of the Peace River and NuCoal molds, which still need to be opened and cleaned. Then I grabbed 4 pop sets, returned to the office, and took a photo of the Utopia Army (36 plastic miniature sprues and hex bases) that our Kickstarter Backers will be receiving.