DP9 Holiday Season Sale 2019!

The Dream Pod 9 Holiday Season Sale 2019 with specials of 20% OFF select DP9 products is on Now to Midnight January 5th, 2020. Sale products include all our Chibi Gears and Exo, Gen Con & Xmas Exclusive Pewter Minis, 4 Plastic Miniature Army Boxes, Limited Quantities of all our Plastic Miniature Sprues, all Patches, all Badlands Resin Terrain, and all Caprice minis including a new 5 set pack of the 4 small mount legs and hip resin parts. Plus select Jovian Wars products, get into the game with Jovian Wars Forces, Spaceships, Squads, Patch, and Turning Template on special as well.

Also, all DP9 Online Store orders over $100 USD (Sub-Total) placed during our Holiday Season Sale will receive 1 Chibi Ryu Exo resin mini Xmas Gift (see images below) added in free with the order when it ships, limit 1 free Xmas Gift per customer. Do not order the Chibi Ryu unless you want a second one or your order is under $100 USD and want one for your collection.

Here is a link to the Holiday Season Sale section of the DP9 Online Store to checkout all the specials.


Fusion Joins the Holiday Season Sale with 20% OFF specials on their Jovian Chronicles Syreen and Pathfinder Garage Kits (1/200 scale) and 10% OFF various World War II Propeller and Conversion Kits. Click the link below to visit their Holiday Season Sale section on the DP9 Online Store.