Kickstarter Update: Peace River & NuCoal Mold 1 Testing For Production Run!

Just before Christmas on December 24th the plastics manufacturer here in Montreal (Plasti-World Products) did testing of Mold 1. I went over to check the test pops, approve the production run, and took some photos to share with you all. Mold 1 includes the Warrior & Warrior IV for Peace River and Chasseur & Cuirassier for NuCoal. I also picked up the boxes of Mold 2 production run plastic sprues and took them to the Dream Pod 9 office, photo below. Then I made the first Peace River and NuCoal Armies of with the Mold 1 test pops and Mold 2 production run, plus plastic bases and took photos. Plasti-World Products should get the Mold 1 production run finished in the next week or two, then we’ll be able to start packing up Peace River and NuCoal armies.

Mold 3 production with the Utopia sprues is delayed while a special side bracket is added to it, to make the production run smoother. The Mold 3 will go back into production after the Mold 1 production run is finished. We now hope to have all the boxes of plastic sprues in Mid-January.