Taking Photos for the HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook and Packing More Kickstarter Rewards for this Weeks Shipping!

Been busy the last few days taking photos of the new plastic miniature armies, with nice terrain setups. Plus a War for Terra Nova Battle photo for the introduction page at the start of the HGB Rulebook. Tried to re-make the cover artwork using miniatures and badlands terrain and a bit of photoshop to replace the orange background with the sky image from the cover artwork. The War for Terra Nova photo is below along with and second photo of the (2x 500 Watts daylight bulbs) light setup used at the DP9 Office to get good depth of field for the photos.

Also, been packing up more HGB Kickstarter Rewards (photo below) which will be shipping out on Friday with our weekly DP9 Online Store orders.