Dream Pod 9 Attending Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA, USA from March 12th thru 15th 2020!

Dream Pod 9 will be attending the Cold Wars 2020 miniature gaming convention on March 12th thru 15 down in Lancaster, PA, USA, here is a link to their website to checkout. https://www.hmgs.org/page/CWHome
The convention is run by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, the same group that does Historicon, which we attended in 2019 and had a great time. So back last year we booked booths for their Cold Wars convention, thinking that most of our Backer Reward packages would be shipped by now. We planned that the convention would be a great launching point for the new Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal plastic miniatures to get the word out to players and retailers down in the USA. We’ll have a small number of plastic Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal Army Boxes and new faction patches available for sale at the convention, along with our earlier plastic miniatures releases and other Heavy Gear Blitz and Jovian Wars products. We won’t have any of the new resin or pewter releases, as Fusion Models is still casting up Gilgamesh tanks, MAR-DKs, Uhlans, Mameluks, and Black Winds as all we have right now are reserved for Backer reward packages.

If your a Backer of the Utopia or Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarters and are planning to attend Cold Wars 2020 from March 12th thru 15th and would like to pickup your reward package at the convention. Please email Robert Dubois at rdubois@dp9.com by Midnight EST March 6th, with your request and we’ll get your reward package packed and brought down with us to the convention, when we leave Montreal on March 11th. Please note that if you have an “Add-on” or “Hero of” reward package that includes the new HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook, it won’t be included in your package, as the layout is not finished yet. Once the layout is finished and book printed we’ll get your copy(s) mailed out to you.

Dream Pod 9 is also planing to attend Historicon 2020 this July 8th thru 12 down in Lancaster, PA, USA. So make plans and join us there this July if your in the area, here is a link to their website to checkout.