DP9 March Madness Sale 2020!

Dream Pod 9 is launching its March Madness Sale 2020 today on the DP9 Online Store, the sale runs from March 10th until Midnight EST on March 31st, 2020. Just before we head off to the Cold Wars 2020 convention down in Lancaster, PA in the United States tomorrow. The DP9 office will be closed from March 11th thru 16th while we’re attend the convention, and open again on Tuesday March 17th.

The March Madness Sale has lots of specially priced items, which include our 4 HGB Plastic Miniature Army Boxes with plastic minis made in the USA and packaged here in Canada at $50 USD each or 2 Army Boxes for $80 USD (using a pull down add-on option in each army boxes page). Also all the HGB Striders & Badlands Resin Terrain and our 3 Jovian Wars Forces and all the JW Spaceships are on special as well. Here is a link to the March Madness Sale 2020 section of the DP9 Online Store to check it out.


Plus for every full $50 USD spent (order sub-total) on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store we are giving you $10 USD in gifts of your choice. This includes all the products found on the DP9 Online Store (Minis, Books, Parts, Patches, Decals, Dice, etc.). If you spend $100 USD, select $20 USD in gifts of your choice and so on!

To get your gifts, include the item(s) in the Comments Section of your order at checkout. Do not include them in the actual order, as our online store will charge them as part of the order.

Also you’ll be earning 10% in Pod Reward Points (our DP9 Online Store Customer Loyalty Program) on all items purchased with a valued over $5 that you’ll be able to used and save money on a future order.