Jovian Wars – Golden Exo 2020 Painting Competition Deadline Extended & News!

The Jovian Wars Golden Exo 2020 Miniature Painting Competition is now on, with 6 categories and prizes for each below. Get painting your Jovian Wars Spaceships and Squads, take your entry photos and email them in to by December 30th 2020 (see all the competition details below).
With 6 Categories:
  • Best Exo Squad (3 Exos on squad base)
  • Best Fighter/Bomber Squad (3 Fighters or Bombers on squad base)
  • Best Spaceship (1 Spaceship on base plate)
  • Best Jovian Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
  • Best CEGA Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
  • Best Venus Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
Prize for each Category Winner:
1 Golden Exo 2020 Trophy + $50 DP9 Online Store Credit.
Golden Exo Trophy ”Chibi Wyvern” sculpted by Philippe F. LeClerc.
  • Entries must be Jovian Wars scale Spaceships, Exos, Fighters, or Bombers.
  • Entry Deadline Extended from November 30th to Midnight EST December 30th 2020.
  • Email up to five photos per entry to please include your full name. By submitting your photos you grant Dream Pod 9 the right to publish the submitted photos. Entrants may submit entries to multiple categories, with a maximum of 3 entries per category. Current Dream Pod 9 Staff are excluded from the competition.
  • Judging will be done by the Dream Pod 9 Staff (Robert Dubois, Philippe F. LeClerc, and Alain Gadbois) on December 31st 2020 and Winners Announced.
We’ll post all the entries as they are received in a DP9 Forum thread for everyone to checkout. So get your entry photos in now.
The Jovian Chronicles Bundle of Holding 2020 offer is ending on Monday night Sept. 21st at 11 pm EST. Close to 500 bundles have been sold so far and around $1400 USD raised for the Direct Relief charity. You can help out a great cause and get an amazing Jovian Chronicles ebook deal at the following link.
Plus a reminder that the entry deadline for our Golden Gear 2020 Painting Competition is coming up this Sunday night at midnight EST (Sept, 20th 2020). Get your entry photos emailed to as soon as possible. We’ve attached a few of the latest entry photos with this post for you all to checkout. All the entry photo received so far and the competition details can be found on the DP9 Forum Thread at the following link.