Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Under Development and Meet The Team!

The Heavy Gear Fans and Online Community have been more supportive than we could possibly ask for! We have been able to grow the Heavy Gear Universe in ways that would not have happened without all your passion. With the release of Heavy Gear Blitz 3.0 fast approaching, we could not help but think of the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game as well.
Dream Pod 9 has formed a development team made up of members of the DP9 Forum community. This team has been tasked with using their combined skills to create the 4th Edition of the Heavy Gear RPG, with 2nd edition as the starting point! Here are the community members that are a part of this team. You all will get a chance to get to know the team better as development continues.
  • LaBambaMan (Story writer)
  • Prof9844 (Technical Fluff)
  • Vaktathi (Mechanical rules guru)
  • Bigkiddave (Layout, Marketing and Social Media)
All team members will work together on all elements. So, while one has a title and that will be their main focus, they all take part in the meetings and discussions. There will also be different artists working with us and they will be introduced as the art is presented.
Starting this coming week we will begin the process of obtaining your input so that we can combine our vision with our community’s vision and create the best new edition possible! One of the ways we will be involving the community is with our Feedback Friday discussions. As we tell you more about the project, we will ask for your specific feedback on many aspects of the new edition. We want as much feedback as we can get for this project so do not hesitate to participate! You can get started right away in the discussion by posting your ideas, comments, and wish lists in the DP9 Forum thread linked below.
We will be using many different methods to obtain feedback including Facebook, Discord or YouTube livestreams, but the DP9 Forum will be the primary location for official news, updates and discussions so stay tuned!
Thank you again for being part of the Heavy Gear community and we look forward to growing the universe for you all to enjoy your adventures in it!