Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Early Mechanics Draft & Scheduling Plans (Feedback Friday 11/20/2020)

The response to the announcement of the development of Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition has been awesome! Our team has been going over feedback from the community and using it to continue the development process. Thank you all for that feedback!
Today we are releasing an early draft of the mechanics for 4th Edition (pdf). As an early draft its purpose is to allow you as players to review what we have been working on and with the provided mockup of a character sheet (pdf) to test the mechanics as they stand.
Once you have run it through its paces, we would like your feedback. We want all your questions, comments, and concerns. We want to know what you liked as well. Make no mistake we want to know exactly what you as a community think. All the feedback will be reviewed, and we will use it to modify this draft, and repeat this process over the next few months. These rules are not yet complete nor refined, there are numbers to be massaged, concepts to be developed, mechanics to fill out still, and much remains open and subject to change and editing. However, this should give a good basic idea of where we’re aiming so far.
We’re still perfecting a number of features such as equipment, perk trees, certifications, and others. We will get those out in the near future.
Our overall goal is to align the visions of both the community and the development team to make the best product possible. In the end we, as a team, are a part of this community and want to create a game that we will also enjoy having adventures with!
We also want to share some of our scheduling plans today. We hope to have an alpha version of the Heavy Gear 4th Edition Rules ready to show in early January 2021. And with everyone’s help in playtesting and feedback to get it to beta version in the Spring. Then we’ll do a pre-layout to see the page count and what new artwork is needed. And start planning a Summer 2021 Kickstarter to pay for all the writing, layout, and new artwork, aiming for a late 2021 delivery.
Thank you all again for taking the time to help us reach this shared goal, feel free to click the link below to the thread on the DP9 Forum where you can download the pdfs and leave all your ideas, comments, and feedback!