DP9 – Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Holiday Sale 2020 and Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Development News!

Dream Pod 9’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday – Holiday Sale 2020 is now live on the DP9 Online Store! The sale runs from November 27th 2020 thru Midnight EST January 3rd 2021. With 33% OFF our Heavy Gear Blitz (HGB) plastic miniature Army Boxes (North, South, CEF, and Caprice factions), pickup 1, 2, 3, or even 4 boxes for just $39.99 USD each. Plus 15% OFF all HGB Gears, Striders, VTOLs, Tanks, Hovertanks, APCs, Infantry, & Parts Packs. And HGB Gen Con & Xmas Exclusives, Badlands Resin Terrain, Chibis, Decals, Patches, & Dice.

Our friends at Fusion Models are also joining in on the Holiday Sale with 15% OFF the Heavy Gear Kodiak Master Grade Kit (1/35 scale), the Jovian Chronicles Pathfinder and Syreen Kits (1/200 scale), and all their Historical Conversion Kits.

Plus, all orders of $50 USD or more (before shipping) placed from now thru the end of the Holiday Sale will receive a free patch celebrating Dream Pod 9’s 25th Anniversary as a company, which officially started back on December 6th 1995. Here is a link to the DP9 Online Store for all interested. https://store.dp9.com/

Also a reminder last week we announced the early start of DP9’s Holiday Sale with 15% OFF all Jovian Wars spaceships, squads, parts, chibi, decals, dice, etc. which also runs to Midnight EST January 3rd 2021. So pickup some great 1/4000 scale spaceships and 1/1000 scale squads for the holidays. We still need more entries for the Jovian Wars Golden Exo 2020 Painting Completion, which the entry deadline has been extended to Midnight EST December 30th 2020, so get painting, take photos and email them to rdubois@dp9.com before then.

Our next shipping day is planned for Friday December 18th, 1 week before Christmas. Then we’ll be on another 14 day quarantine after returning to Canada from the US Post shipping. Next shipping after that is planned for Friday January 8th 2021.

Now for a bit of news on the Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition, the development team has been busy this last week opening several more discussion threads on the DP9 Forum. They include dice mechanics, movement, emergencies, characteristics, attribute stat ranges, fumbles, and the top thread which includes pdfs of first draft rules and character sheet. Attached is screen capture of the Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Announcements section and a link to the section for those interested in joining in on the discussions.