Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Rules Draft Update – Feedback Friday!

The feedback we have received since the Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition announcement has been amazing! Thank you all for taking the time! We have taken that feedback and updated our HG RPG 4th Ed Mechanics Draft. We encourage everyone to visit the DP9 Forum thread at the link below and download the updated rules draft (pdf). We take every piece of feedback into consideration as we work towards the shared goal of developing a 4th edition worthy of the universe we love spending time in!

Feel free to leave your feedback & ideas in the comments section below & in the various rules discussion threads on the DP9 Forum.

As part of the HG RPG 4th Edition we are going to be getting some new art done (and reusing some old) and we have some questions.
1. Which pieces are your favorite in terms of art style?
2. Which pieces are your favorite in terms of content or what the art is showing?
3. Would you like to see more combat/gear art or “slice of life” art?

Here is a link to the (Discussion) Art Questions thread on the DP9 Forum to lets us know what you think.