More Great News for Fans of Tribe 8!

Dream Pod 9 has updated 4 more of the old scanned Tribe 8 ebooks on DriveThruRPG with new electronic versions that are clearer to read and searchable. You can checkout the attached image with the latest updated ebooks, that include the following:
– DP9-805 Tribe 8 Companion
– DP9-806 Horrors of the Z’Bri
– DP9-807 Into the Outlands
– DP9-808 Word of the Pillars
If you previously purchased these ebooks, the updated files have automatically been added to your accounts on DriveThruRPG and are now available for you to login and download.
We’ve also added Print on Demand (POD) options for five of the Tribe 8 ebooks (Tribe 8 Rulebook 1st Edition, Weaver Screen Assistant (book), Vimary, Tribe 8 Companion, and Horrors of the Z’bri) and for the Weaver Screen Inserts. See attached photos of the printed proof copies we received for approval. Once we receive proof copies for the other three ebooks we’ll get them approved and activate their POD options.
A big thank to Scott Ferguson for his help in converting the old Tribe 8 PageMaker files and laying them out InDesign. Its a lot of work, some of the old Tribe 8 backup CD-ROMs have corrupted files and need to have complete chapters retyped into the layout. Right now Scott is working the Tribe 8 Pack (10 Maps) which we hope to have available later this month for the first time as e-posters that you can tile print at home and with high quality POD 12″x18″ printed posters option as well.
We wish you all a Happy Holidays and stay safe.