DP9 February 2021 News

DP9 February 2021 News: Kickstarter Update – Final Backer Reward Packages Shipping this Month, Next Shipping February 22nd, Pewter Cost Increase, and Shipping Cost Increases!

Kickstarter Update – Final Backer Reward Packages Shipping this Month:
Its been a long time since our last Kickstarter update and we’ve received a lot of emails from Backers asking when the new HGB 3rd Rulebook would be ready and their reward packages finally ship. This last year has been difficult for everyone with the pandemic and all the new rules around the world to keep us safe. Now each time Dream Pod 9 does a shipping down to New York State in the USA with US Post on my return to Montreal I’m required to do a 14 day self-quarantine by Canada. So our weekly shipping has become a monthly shipping once every 3 to 4 weeks with the 2 week quarantine then 1+ crazy week(s) of solo pewter casting and packing orders at the office to keep everyone safe. Then do another US Post shipping and repeat the quarantine and work process over and over again. Because of this, working on the layout of the new rulebook has suffered. I wish to apologize to all our Backers for the delays.

So we finally decided not to wait on the rulebook and get all the remaining Backer Reward packages shipped this month without the rulebook. A bunch shipped on February 2nd and the remainder are shipping on February 22nd, which is our next shipping. We’ll be shipping all the remaining International, UK, and EU Backer reward packages with US Post. We had originally planned to do a consolidated air-freight shipment to the UK and have all UK and EU packages reshipped from there using Royal Mail to avoid any VAT costs for Backers, but Brexit has messed up those plans. We use the cost of goods values for customs declarations on the International, UK, and EU backers reward shipments, which is about 10% of your pledge, as 90% of the pledges were used to pay for the very expensive plastic injection molds. So most will be under 15 GBP / 22 Euro value and should not be charged any VAT, larger reward packages may have to pay some VAT.

Now for the new HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook plans, I now have several of the Heavy Gear RPG 4th Edition Team helping me with the layout of the HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook. Once the new rulebook is ready, we’ll release it to everyone as a free ebook download on DriveThruRPG, planned for mid-March 2021. Then we’ll ask everyone for their feedback and make any fixes we feel are needed. Then we’ll send it off to the printer and get proof copy printed for approval. Once its finally approved we plan to have copies printed and shipped directly from the printer to the Backers that need copies. Dream Pod 9 will cover any extra shipping costs, to try and make it up to the Backers who have waited so long on their reward packages.

After we have shipped the new printed HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook to our Backers we’ll make it available as a Print on Demand (POD) book via DriveThruRPG for everyone. And Dream Pod 9 will get copies printed and available to order on the DP9 Online Store.

Next Shipping News:
DP9 will be back in the office this Wednesday (Feb. 17th) casting pewter and packing orders after the latest 14 day quarantine. Our next US Post shipping in planned for Monday Feb. 22nd, 2021. All orders received by this Thursday morning should be able to get cast-up and packed in time for the shipping. Here is a link to the DP9 Online Store for those who wish to place an order.

Pewter Cost Increase News:
We ordered more pewter today for next months pewter casting and were surprised to see large price increases. Since the start of 2021 the cost of Tin, which is the major part of Pewter has risen close to 24%, to over $25K USD per metric ton, see attached price chart graphic. Dream Pod 9 and other miniature manufactures will need to raise prices accordingly. In March DP9 will be announcing price increases for all its pewter miniatures.

Shipping Cost Increase News:
US Post raised shipping rates in late January 2021. Dream Pod 9 will be adjusting its shipping costs accordingly in March 2021. As well as the sub-total required for free shipping on US and Canadian orders.