HGB – Plastic Miniatures Assembly Guide 2021 Update is Now Live!

The updated plastic miniatures assembly guide is designed for players who have picked up one or more of our plastic miniature army boxes for either the Northern, Southern, Peace River, or NuCoal factions of Terra Nova or the C.E.F. of Earth, Caprice or Utopia Colony factions. It includes photos of the plastic parts sprues and numbered identification of all the parts on them. Plus 3d model images and photos of assembled and painted models and assembly step photos for some of the newer models. Plus we updated models list sections to the new HGB 3rd Edition Rules game stats. And closing out the ebook are weapons table and blank Force record sheets, so you can start making your Force right away.

Plus, we added an additional pdf to the downloads with the new Utopia and Peace River resin models assembly guide pages, for those who pickup the new resin models.

If you previously download the free ebook from DriveThruRPG you should have received an email from them letting you know that updated files are now available. Attached with this post are images of the front cover, back cover, and 3 of the assembly step photo pages, plus a page from the Utopia and Peace River resin models assemble pages pdf. You can also visit DriverThruRPG at the following link to download the free ebook and check it all out.

Dream Pod 9 News:
We’ve been busy working on a new DP9 Online Store, with new look, bigger images and some new features. We plan to go live this coming week. And it will include the new plastic miniature army boxes for Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia along with all the new pewter and resin minis that were part of our last Kickstarter.

The outside team working on the layout of our Heavy Gear Blotz 3rd Edition Rulebook is making good progress but still needs another week or so to get it finished. Once its done we’ll make it available as an ebook for everyone to download and checkout.