The New Dream Pod 9 Online Store and DP9 Spring Sale are Live!

After nearly a week of work on getting all the customer accounts with passwords, order history, and reward points transferred to the new online store. Then getting the old store name server info transferred and the a new ssl certificate installed. Plus delays dealing with customer support to get the email module working, followed by more emails with Amazon to get the email setup working thru them. We were finally able to start doing order testing on Friday evening and just finished this afternoon.

The new Dream Pod 9 Online Store is now officially live and ready for ordering. It’s a completely new site with extra security to help prevent any future redirects that happened sometimes when customers clicked a link to the old DP9 Online Store. The new Store has a cleaner look with large splash images of the miniatures on the main page, see attached images with this post. And pull down menus at the top for New Releases, Heavy Gear Blitz, Jovian Wars, and Other, which includes all the older game product categories and Fusion Models. The product pages have larger photos of the products that when you mouse over them, zoom in. Also when in a category section and there is more than one image for a product they will show up as smaller images on the left side of the big product image and if you mouse over them they will become the big image.

Online Store prices are in $USD, but you can change them to $CAD, GBP, Euro, or back to $USD with a pull down menu at the top right beside the checkout and login/logout buttons. Plus there are quick tabs in orange along the right side with easy access to categories, the cart, your account, search, etc. which follows you down the right side as you scroll down the page.

We have added all the new releases for our last Kickstarter. The new plastic miniature army boxes for Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia are now available to order. Along with the Gilgamesh Command Tank and MAR-DK resin minis for Utopia and the Arbalestier pewter mini for NuCoal. Plus the Uhlan Strider, Black Wind VTOL, Jackal Two Pack, Spartan Two Pack, and Mameluk Two Pack minis for Peace River. Along with our updated HGB 3.0 Status Token Packs and HGB 2.0 to 3.0 Status Token Upgrade Packs, plus we have made individual status tokens available to order for the first time. Also, limited quantities of the plastic miniature sprues are available to order are the end of the new releases and their respective category sections. And finally the Chibi Jerboa for all our butt wheel and Chibi fans.

The pewter and resin costs from suppliers has been rising and we have had to raise our prices for the first time in over a year. Prices for resin minis have increased 10%, resin minis with some pewter parts are up 15%, and pewter minis have been increased 25%.

To help lessen this price increase temporarily we are running our Dream Pod 9 Spring Sale 2021 on the new DP9 Online Store from now to Midnight EST May 31st 2021. Where all Heavy Gear Blitz, Jovian Wars, Chibis, and Fusion Models blisters are at their old pre-increase pricing. You will also now see a Sale ends in… countdown under the price of all on sale items. Here is link to the new DP9 Online Store for all those interested in checking it out and placing an order.