New Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition Rulebook Layout Preview!

The HGB 3rd Edition layout team has been busy and we’re finally ready to start showing how the new rulebook layout looks. The following preview includes Rules section pages 24-25 and pages 30-31 spreads, Forces section pages 46-47 spread, see all the attached preview images with this post. Followed by the starting North section pages 52-53 spread with new short story entitled Hold The Line. Then we have a page from each of the Faction Forces sections showing the new layout of the models game stats. Including the North Grizzly (page 62), South Iguana (page 73), Peace River Warrior IV (page 83), NuCoal Chasseur (page 92), CEF F6-16 (page 102), Caprice Meggido (page 118), and Utopia Support Armiger (page 130). We’ve tried to make the new model game stats easier to use with common model stats/traits at the top and special traits of each variant right under the variant name. Plus weapon stats are now shown with an indicator “>>” to let you know if weapon is mounted on arm or is a fast turret that can be used to React.

The final page count of the full color softcover rulebook will be 160 pages have a suggested retail price of $24.95 USD at initial release. We still need a bit more time to get all the layout finished up and copy edited for typos and plan to do another update post at the end of this week. Once the layout is finally finish we’ll make the ebook available for free download on DriveThruRPG and take one week to get feedback from everyone. Then we’ll enter any final corrections and upload it to our printers to get a printed proof copy made and shipped to us for our approval. Once approved we’ll get copies printed and shipped to our Kickstarter backers and to the DP9 office. We also plan to enable the Print on Demand (POD) option on DriveThruRPG so players can order a printed copy directly using the same print files and printer we are using to get our copies printed.

We hope you all like the new layout and all the hard work that has gone into making HGB 3rd Edition what we think is the best so far.