We just posted Kickstarter Updates today for Peace River & NuCoal and for Utopia. Last week, we picked up the rest of the Mold 1 plastic miniature sprues (Warrior, Warrior IV, Chasseur, & Cuirassier) production last week at Plasti-World Products. And we’ve been busy packing up Peace River and NuCoal armies at the office. I took a few photos of what the DP9 Office looks like stuffed with boxes of plastic sprues right now to share with you all. We still have a lot of Peace River and NuCoal Armies to get packed. Also last Friday we gave the OK to the start of the Utopia Mold production run. The mold now has special side brackets added to it, to make the production run smoother. And yesterday I stop by to check on production and pickup the first boxes of Utopia plastic miniature sprues and took a few photos during my visit to share with you all. You can checkout all the photos below including photos of the Plasti-World office and production area and boxes the different sprues are sorted into.

Fans have started a Discord server (Discord App) for Heavy Gear Blitz, where you can get together, talk, and discuss HGB. I’ve joined as rdubois and will be checking in on it from time to time. Here is a link to the new discord server if you want to join as well.

Lastly a reminder that Dream Pod 9’s Extended Holiday Season Sale has just 5 days left and ends this Sunday night at Midnight EST January 19th, 2020. Get in on some of the great deals for Heavy Gear Blitz, Badlands Terrain, Jovian Wars, and Fusion Models at the DP9 Online Store link below.…


The Dream Pod 9 Holiday Season Sale with specials of 20% OFF select DP9 products has been Extended 2 Weeks now Ending Midnight Sunday Jan. 19th, 2020. Sale products include all our Chibi Gears and Exo, Gen Con & Xmas Exclusive Pewter Minis, 4 Plastic Miniature Army Boxes, Limited Quantities of all our Plastic Miniature Sprues, all Patches, all Badlands Resin Terrain, and all Caprice minis including a new 5 set pack of the 4 small mount legs and hip resin parts. Plus select Jovian Wars products, get into the game with Jovian Wars Forces, Spaceships, Squads, Patch, and Turning Template on special as well.

Also, all DP9 Online Store orders over $100 USD (Sub-Total) placed during our Holiday Season Sale will receive 1 Chibi Ryu Exo resin mini Xmas Gift (see images below) added in free with the order when it ships, limit 1 free Xmas Gift per customer. Do not order the Chibi Ryu unless you want a second one or your order is under $100 USD and want one for your collection.

Here is a link to the Holiday Season Sale section of the DP9 Online Store to checkout all the specials.

Its already the New Year 2020 in New Zealand, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Here in Montreal its snowing and we still have a few hours to go, but the Staff at Dream Pod 9 wants to get an early start on wishing all our friends a Happy New Year! As the New Year rolls in around the world we hope you had great 2019 and that 2020 is an amazing year for you all.

The Staff at Dream Pod 9 wishes you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Kwanzaa this Holiday Season! We hope you all have a great time with family and friends!

Its the final day to get your Golden Gear 2019 Painting Competition entries in by tonight at Midnight EST (Saturday December 7th, 2019). We received a few more entries since we extended the deadline last weekend, which we’re sharing with this post. Please finish-up painting your HGB/HGA minis today and get photos taken and emailed to Robert at right away. We’ll post all new entries received on Sunday and then judging and the winners will be announced later next week. All the rules and entry photos received so far can be viewed on the DP9 Forum thread at the following…

We have decided to extend the entry deadline by 1 week for the Golden Gear 2019 Painting Competition to Midnight EST on Saturday December 7th, 2019. To give painters a bit more time and we need few more Pimp My Gear and Duelist entries to round out those categories. We posted all the entries received to the DP9 Forum thread this morning and have attached the latest of them with this post for everyone to checkout. If you have time please take a few photos of your painted up HGB/HGA minis and email your entries to Robert Dubois at this…


Just before Christmas on December 24th the plastics manufacturer here in Montreal (Plasti-World Products) did testing of Mold 1. I went over to check the test pops, approve the production run, and took some photos to share with you all. Mold 1 includes the Warrior & Warrior IV for Peace River and Chasseur & Cuirassier for NuCoal. I also picked up the boxes of Mold 2 production run plastic sprues and took them to the Dream Pod 9 office, photo below. Then I made the first Peace River and NuCoal Armies of with the Mold 1 test pops and Mold 2 production run, plus plastic bases and took photos. Plasti-World Products should get the Mold 1 production run finished in the next week or two, then we’ll be able to start packing up Peace River and NuCoal armies.

Mold 3 production with the Utopia sprues is delayed while a special side bracket is added to it, to make the production run smoother. The Mold 3 will go back into production after the Mold 1 production run is finished. We now hope to have all the boxes of plastic sprues in Mid-January.

Our judges looked over all the Golden Gear 2019 Entries this week and tabulated our results for the 4 categories. We want to thank everyone that took the time paint-up some their Heavy Gear Blitz and Arena miniatures, take photos, and send them in for our annual painting competition. Each category winner will be receiving a Golden Gear 2019 Trophy and a $100 USD Dream Pod 9 Online Store credit plus free shipping for their next order that will include the Trophy when shipped.

Now, its time to announce the winners below and we have attached images below with this post of the winning entries and honorable mentions for each category.
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Miniature Winner: Nathan Burg
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Combat Group Winner: Paul Wantland
– Best Duelist Miniature Winner: Frank Washburn
– Pimp My Gear Winner: Koichi Ogino

You can checkout all the entries on the DP9 Forum Golden Gear 2019 Entry Photos thread at the following link.