With lots of us stuck at home doing Social Distancing its a great time to catch-up on painting your miniatures. Dream Pod 9 decided to announce our annual Heavy Gear Blitz Golden Gear Miniature Painting Competition for 2020. We have 4 categories again this year with trophy and prizes for each, along with all the rules and details listed below. So get painting your Heavy Gear Blitz and Heavy Gear Arena Gears, Vehicles, and Combat Groups, take your entry photos and email them in by the end of August 2020. Stay safe and we’ll all get thru this difficult time together. 🙂

The Categories:
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider, or Other Vehicle)
– Best Heavy Gear Blitz Combat Group (Combat Group of Four or more HGB/HGA Miniatures)
– Best Duelist Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Equipped with Duelist Weapons)
– Best Pimp My Gear (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider, or Other Vehicle – All Pimped Out with a Flashy Paint Scheme, Custom & Scratch Builds are encouraged for this category. Note: You don’t need to make an actual Pimp as some did in our first Pimp My Gear Contest.)

Prize for each Category Winner:
– 1 Golden Gear 2020 Trophy + $100 DP9 Online Store Credit.

This years Golden Gear Trophy is a Chibi Jerboa painted gold and mounted on an oak base with plaque, see photo below.

The Rules:
– Entries must be Heavy Gear Blitz (HGB) or Heavy Gear Arena (HGA) miniatures. Pimp My Gear entries can be custom builds but should include some recognizable HGB/HGA parts.
– Entry Deadline is Midnight EST on August 31st 2020.
– Email up to five photos per entry to please include your full name. By submitting your photos you grant Dream Pod 9 the right to publish the submitted photos. Entrants may submit entries to multiple categories, with a maximum of 5 entries per category. Current Dream Pod 9 Montreal Staff are excluded from the competition.
– Judging will be done by the Dream Pod 9 Montreal Staff (Robert Dubois, Philippe F. LeClerc, and Alain Gadbois) in early September and winners announced.

We’ll post the entry photos as they are received in the DP9 Forum’s Golden Gear 2020 announcement thread, for everyone to checkout. So start emailing in your entry photos right away.

We returned to Canada on Monday afternoon from the Cold Wars 2020 gaming convention down in Lancaster, PA, USA. We had a great time at the convention and ran lots of Heavy Gear Blitz demo games using the new 3rd edition rules. A big thank you to Joe Johnson and John Tinney for helping out running games and to all those who joined us at Cold Wars.

The government of Canada has asked all Canadians returning from the USA or other foreign destinations to do a voluntary 14 day self quarantine upon their return. For that reason the Dream Pod 9 office will be closed from today thru Tuesday March 31st, 2020. And even though we feel well now, we won’t be casting pewter or packing up orders or backer reward packages at the office until our return on April 1st, as an over abundance of caution on our side for safety of our customers. The DP9 March Madness Sale 2020 continues and resin minis and parts for orders will be cast up by Fusion Models at their location here in Montreal. Our next planned weekly shipping with US Post is going to be on Friday, April 3rd, 2020. When we’ll drive down to the USA and drop off the boxes at the rear loading dock area of the post office with our shipments bar code sheet, so we don’t have to go inside with other people. That way when we return to Canada we won’t need to self quarantine again.

During the next 2 weeks I’ll be working at home on the layout of the new HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook, with the goal of having if ready for ebook release on Friday April 10th or earlier. Then we’ll give everyone a week to post their comments and typos on a special DP9 Forum thread. Before I enter the corrections and send the book off to the printers to get a proof copy made. If the color all looks good, then we’ll place the order with the printer and the rulebooks should be printed and back around mid-May. After that we’ll be able to start packing and shipping our Kickstarter reward packages that need copies of the rulebook.

The DP9 March Madness Sale continues until Midnight EST on March 31st, 2020. With some great specials and for every $50 USD spent (order sub-total) on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store we are giving you $10 USD in gifts of your choice. This includes all our products (minis, books, parts, patches, decals, dice, etc.). If you spend $100 USD, select $20 USD in gifts of your choice and so on! We need your support during this difficult time, please place an order on the DP9 Online Store (link below) and help us out.

Also, please stay safe, wash your hands, no hand shaking, and if your not feeling well let others know and self quarantine (as best possible) and we’ll all make it thru this together.

Dream Pod 9 is launching its March Madness Sale 2020 today on the DP9 Online Store, the sale runs from March 10th until Midnight EST on March 31st, 2020. Just before we head off to the Cold Wars 2020 convention down in Lancaster, PA in the United States tomorrow. The DP9 office will be closed from March 11th thru 16th while we’re attend the convention, and open again on Tuesday March 17th. The March Madness Sale has lots of specially priced items, which include our 4 HGB Plastic Miniature Army Boxes with plastic minis made in the USA and packaged here…

Dream Pod 9 will be attending the Cold Wars 2020 miniature gaming convention on March 12th thru 15 down in Lancaster, PA, USA, here is a link to their website to checkout. The convention is run by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society, the same group that does Historicon, which we attended in 2019 and had a great time. So back last year we booked booths for their Cold Wars convention, thinking that most of our Backer Reward packages would be shipped by now. We planned that the convention would be a great launching point for the new Utopia, Peace River,…

Been busy the last few days taking photos of the new plastic miniature armies, with nice terrain setups. Plus a War for Terra Nova Battle photo for the introduction page at the start of the HGB Rulebook. Tried to re-make the cover artwork using miniatures and badlands terrain and a bit of photoshop to replace the orange background with the sky image from the cover artwork. The War for Terra Nova photo is below along with and second photo of the (2x 500 Watts daylight bulbs) light setup used at the DP9 Office to get good depth of field for…

Happy Valentines Day to all our fans, from the staff at Dream Pod 9. We made a fast Valentines Day graphic to share with everyone, using some Chibi Artwork from artist John Bell, Enjoy!


We packed up the first Canadian, US, and International Backer reward packages this last weekend and shipped them this week. Rewards shipping order is based on the order of Backer pledges during the Utopia Kickstarter and include their Utopia and Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter rewards and add-ons. Backer packages with Hero level rewards and add-ons of the New Edition HGB Rulebook, which is still in layout, will only ship once the book is finished and back from the printer. Until then we’ll continue shipping the reward packages we can each week, following the order listed above.

We got some of the older HGB Infantry from various factions (previously mounted on hex bases) cast-up and glued on the newer round 40 mm squad bases to show in the New 3rd Edition Living Rulebook. Then gave them to Phil to painted up and add sand (flocking) to the base and paint it. Here are the infantry squads he painted in January, which we took photos of, then close-cut and updated their various squad pack blister sheets (shown below). They include the Southern Lizard Riders, Southern Bikes with Sidecars, Southern Bikes, Northern ATVs, CEF Grels (2 Squads + 1 Team), CEF Grels on Hoverbikes, Black Talon, Caprice, NuCoal Sandriders, and the Peace River (2 Squads + 1 Team). Plus we had Phil paint up the Xmas 2013 exclusive Command Jager and Gen Con 2014 exclusive Headhunter minis, which we sell at conventions DP9 attends and during our Summer and Xmas Sales on the DP9 Online Store, Enjoy!