Heavy Gear Tactical Downloads

File Size Description
5 Gear Record Sheet 17.87 KB
Agammemnon 78.89 KB
Ares 96.37 KB

Special space-modified Black Talon Gear design.

Assault Mammoth 152.52 KB
Barnaby Card Model 1013.77 KB

An amazing papercraft Barnaby Gear Transport courtesy Paul Lesack!

Bobcat 100.21 KB
Bricklayer 101.41 KB
Camel 91.24 KB
CEF Datacards 381.32 KB

CEF Datacards for Frames, Hovertanks, GREL Infantry and more.

CEF Type 99 92.33 KB
Chatterbox 87.81 KB
Chieftain IV 147.1 KB
Command Sidewinder 86.2 KB
Commercial Series 1.82 MB

Wonderful papercraft buildings from Paul Lesack designed to look like shops and garages.

Crusader Mk IV 95.73 KB
Dartjager 85.77 KB
Desert Viper 87.03 KB
DP9 HG Web Artwork Pack 2.82 MB

Images for fan sites and similar.

DP9-105 Second Edition Duelist's Handbook Errata 688 bytes
DP9-106 Tactical Miniatures Rules Errata 3.6 KB
DP9-107 Raids and Raiders Errata 2.81 KB
Drones 709.28 KB

Drone vehicle descriptions.

Errata for DP9-9104 3.5 KB
Fleet Scale Datacards 453.31 KB
Giant Stonehead 340.68 KB

Another wonderful papercraft project courtesy Paul Lesack. This one is templates and instructions to build a giant stonehead.

Heavy Gear Counters 940.06 KB
Heavy Gear Miniature Rules Reference Sheets 185.47 KB
Heavy Gear Revisionist Church 2.08 MB
heavy Gear Tactical Optional Melee Equipment and Rules 1.63 MB
Hunter 144.92 KB
Infantry Record Sheet 197.14 KB
Jaguar 206.96 KB
Landship Datacards 585.22 KB
Long Fang Naga 154.8 KB
Mammoth 155.31 KB
Naga 160.69 KB
Northern Infantry 92.94 KB
Northern Landships 339.99 KB
Revisionist Church 2.08 MB

John Bell's amazing papercraft Revisionist Church.

South Infantry 82.77 KB
Southern Landships 268.13 KB
Tactical Weapon List 49.29 KB
Terra Nova Complete Map 1.06 MB
Terra Nova World Map 1.06 MB
Urban Series 2.1 MB
Urban Series 2.1 MB

Paul Lesack's extremely cool papercraft urban buildings for Heavy Gear. 

VCS Worksheet 479.25 KB

Helpful worksheet for the Heavy Gear RPG/TAC Vehicle Construction System.

Vehicle Construction System 1.26 MB

Heavy Gear Vehicle Construction System used to provide prices and Threat Values for new and variant vehicles for RPG/Tactical scenarios.

Warrior IV 149.95 KB