The Leagueless

The forces you will encounter in the Terra Novan wastes are wide and varied. Sometimes, I think we'd be lucky to deal with a CNCS patrol ot a SRA detachment. With the 'unaffilaited factions' we might have to deal with anything. Some groups are bandits with stolen or rebuilt military gear that might have been fielded during our first invasion attempt. Some might be militias thrown together from an isolated settlement that try to take on our hover tanks with converted work Gears and infantry in converted trucks. Then there's the Khayr-Ad-Din Army, an entire army formed of Gear duelists. Be careful out there, you never know what these Terra Novans will surprise us with.

-CEF Lieutenant Darrel Barns addressing his troops before a patrol.

Some people just aren't joiners...

The Leagueless is not a true faction like the CEF, MILICIA, or Northern Guard, but an option players can use to represent the countless small forces of Terra Nova. A Leagueless force might be a small settlement's militia. it could be a band of raiders. The duelists of Khayr Ad-Din The Leagueless faction is intended to allow players to create forces that are very personal.

The Leagueless rules can be downloaded from this website or are incldued in Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded. Additionally, Perfect Storm: NuCoal Field Guide and Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide have additions to the Leagueless. The Leagueless is often considered an army for veteran players due to it's extremely free-form army creation rules.

The Leagueless variants are all extremely free-form lists designed to allow eclectic combinations of Heavy Gears and support vehicles from several Terra Novan sources. This provides a range of modeling opportunities as these Gears and vehicles come from multiple factions and may have battle damage or repairs evident. 

The Leagueless

Excerpt from Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded. This can be used independently or with the rules in Perfect Storm, Forged in Fire, or Blood Debt to create Leagueless forces.

HGB Locked & Loaded Rulebook Rev 1.1 (Full Color, Softcover)

Welcome to the 62nd century and the world of Terra Nova. Colonized by humans, left to fend for itself, and divided between two rival superpowers, recent events have brought this formerly united planet once more to the brink of war. The harsh battlefields of Terra Nova are home to a new type of fighting machine: the 15 foot tall war walkers called Heavy Gears. Filling a role between tanks and infantry, it has radically altered the face of warfare. The battle for Terra Nova has begun. Will you fight for honor, for pride, or for the land to call your own?
Heavy Gear Blitz – Locked & Loaded includes revised, streamlined miniature wargaming rules, with plentiful rule examples. Faster to learn, faster to play. Also included within this book:

  • An introduction to the world of Terra Nova.
  • 4-page map section covering all of Terra Nova.
  • A scenario generator that encourages tactical victory conditions, designed to work well with leagues and tournaments, including basic campaign rules.
  • Comprehensive Field Guides for the Northern Guard, Southern MILICIA, Peace River Defense Force, and Port Arthur Korps, along with individual Member League Armies and the Leagueless to support you in building your forces.
  • Regiments of Note listings covering the more interesting and unique regiments on Terra Nova.
  • 6-page miniatures gallery including an assembly and painting guide. Timeline covering from before the Interpolar War to the formation of the Westphalia Cabinet and the Black Talons.
  • 90+ datacards, covering all the standard vehicles used in the Field Guides.

A core miniature game rulebook for all players; Requires the use of six-sided dice (not included) and Dream Pod 9 miniatures. For two or more players, age 8 and older.
The Heavy Gear Blitz Locked & Loaded Rulebook Revised Edition Rev 1.1 includes some new pictures of miniatures not available when the book was first released. Plus small rules and text revisions along 1 new page of datacards and 3 pages of quick reference sheets at the end, that bring the interior page count up to 204 pages.

DP9-9996cFull Color, Softcover
DP9-9996sBlack & White, Softcover
PDFIncludes Field Manual Rules Update
Perfect Storm - NuCoal Field Guide

The Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide contains complete army lists for the NuCoal Self Defense Force and the Port Arthur Korps. It also continues the story of the the War for Terra Nova and is the first in a series of Field Guides for the factions in the Heavy Gear Universe.

  • Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Details on the Military Organization
  • Vehicle Compendium
  • Duelist and Ace Pilot Support
  • The Siege of Temple Heights
  • Painting Guide & Gallery
  • Datacards

This Full Color, 136-page book is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game. In addition to the core rulebook, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9191cFull Color
DP9-9191c+PDFull Color with PDF Included
Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide

Forged in Fire: Southern Field guide is a major expansion to Heavy Gear Blitz focusing on the Southern armies.

This book includes:

  • Details the Allied Southern Territories and its various military forces.
  • Comprehensive history of the Southern Leagues.
  • Developments of the War for Terra Nova.
  • Army Construction rules for the MILICIA, Southern Republican Army, Humanist Alliance Protection Force, The Eastern Suns Emirate Retinues, The Mekong Peacekeepers, and Mercenary Guild armies.

Forged in Fire: The Southern Field Guide

DP9-9266Softcover, 176 Full Color Pages
DP9-9266+PDFSoftcover, 176 Full Color Pages and PDF Download


Gear Datacards
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Badlands Python 233.57 KB pdf
Bricklayer 263.17 KB pdf
Badlands Python 284.51 KB pdf
Bricklayer 263.17 KB pdf
Stone Mason 258.35 KB pdf
Special Datacards
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Blank Leagueless Datacard 174.53 KB pdf
Field Gun 188 KB pdf
Field Gun 313.43 KB pdf
File Size File Type Description
The Leagueless 2 MB pdf

Excerpt from Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded. This can be used independently or with the rules in Perfect Storm, Forged in Fire, or Blood Debt to create Leagueless forces.

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