CORE Command

Big guns, huge starships, daring adventures, even bigger guns -- it's a new realm of high powered epic space fantasy! CORE Command taps into the same legends and archetypes that power the fantasy myths. Its wide-open, galactic-scale setting puts the Player Characters at the center of the action, not on the sidelines, while still providing a common story backbone to ease Players in. It's a brand new realm of high powered epic space fantasy, from the makers of Heavy Gear!

Technology so powerful, it is virtually indistinguishable from magic;
Starships so large, they stretch for miles;
Weapons so powerful, they make nukes look like small arms fire;
Doomsday devices so mighty, they can destroy entire star systems;
Plots so big, they threaten the known universe;
And of course, big nasty aliens...

Core Command was the flagship role-playing setting for the SilCORE edition of the well-received Sihouette game system developed for Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and Tribe 8.


File Size Description
Core Command Character Sheet 67.21 KB

Silhouette Rules character sheet for the Core Command RPG.

Core Command OGL Character Sheet 66.56 KB

Core Command character sheet for OGL rules.

DP9-900 Perk/Flaw List 49.17 KB
Optional Silhouette Core Rapid Fire Rules 8.42 KB

Optional Silhouette Core Rapid Fire Rules

Signature Weapons 149.85 KB
SilCORE Character Sheet 49.61 KB
SilCORE Dice Probabilities 56.39 KB
SilCORE FAQ 180.47 KB
SilCORE Generic Weapon & Armor List 53.22 KB
Silhouette Core Cyberpunk Cybernetic Systems 54.91 KB
Silhouette Core Genre Description: Detectives 65.58 KB

Core Command Player's Handbook

Across the galaxies, races are being awakened to defend their very existence against an encroaching evil that menaces the entire space-time continuum. Brave heroes must step forward to protect reality, else the universe itself may crumble into nothingness!

This roleplaying manual contains an overview of the CORE Command setting, plus basic rules and character design for the Players. Ideally, each Player should have a copy of this book for ease of reference during play.
Requires the use of the Silhouette CORE rulebook (DP9-900 or DP9-909) published by Dream Pod 9, Inc., or a Roleplaying Game Core Book published by Wizards of the Coast(R), Inc.

DP9-901Softcover or PDF
Silhouette CORE Rules Deluxe Edition

This 256-page softcover manual contains the latest edition of the critically acclaimed Silhouette game rules. Use them to propel your adventures in the CORE Command universe -- or any setting in a wide variety of genres ranging from science-fiction, fantasy, anime, horror, modern age and more. It's an action-packed game in which you control bigger-than-life characters!

The book also contains Silhouette/d20 conversion rules, allowing you to benefit from the extensive d20-based library, and numerous additional examples and game tools.

DP9-909sSoftcover, 256 pages

Even heroes need the right tool for the right job! The CORE Command Armory features a huge number of weapons, tools and other specialized equipment ranging from low-tech hammers all the way up to a hyper-science gravity shear. This manual also features numerous contacts, game tips and adventure seeds. Dual-Statted for both Silhouette and OGL gaming. Open Gaming License compatible product.

DP9-90396 Pages
Big Nasty Aliens

This CORE Command supplement adds more aliens, more equipment, more locations, and more useful bits and rules to make a CORE Command campaign even better. Players will find additional careers and tools to further their characters, while Gamemasters will delight in a number of galactic baddies, fauna and flora. Dual-Statted for both Silhouette and d20 gaming. Open Gaming License (OGL) Compatible Product.

DP9-90496 Pages