The Humanist Alliance

The Humanist Alliance is mankind's greatest social engineering attempt. We've fought and struggled to create a society where everyone knows their role. As part of this, we've all but eliminated poverty, discrimination, and countless other diseases of society. If only we didn't have to deal with the toxic influences from our neighboring, less perfect, Leagues...
- Protector Kavin Mestaine, Hetaroi Commander

Humanist Alliance: Rebuilding from the Brink

I've been living in the Humanist Alliance since Peace River got destroyed. I lost a lot of family that day, and I just don't want to go back. I've settled in pretty well, and while I'm not technically a citizen, my 'valued non-resident technical worker' status means I'm the next best thing as long as I don't want to buy property or anything. They like to do a lot on their own, but they still use some Paxton subassemblies for their weapons-grade lasers, and I'm an expert at tuning them.

At first the Humanists came off a little weird, but I've grown to appreciate them. The place went through hell a few cycles back when most of the Preceptors got killed by the plague, and have been clawing and fighting to maintain their independence ever since then. Now they're doing so well that they're pushing the Southern Republic to see how how much they can get away with. I got called to troubleshoot a unit ebing equipped with these new 'Fusilier' hovertanks I never saw before, and they certasinly aren't on the standard AST procurement catalog.

Anyway, I like the Humanists. Sometimes they can be a little weird, and there's not a lot of night life even in the cities, but it's peaceful.

The Humanist Alliance was initiated as a grand social experiment. Every citizen worked together to build a better, stronger society based on the research of it's founder, Yuri Gropius. Everyone was tested and assigned to one of three castes: Commoner, Protector, and Preceptor. The Commoners handle the agriculture, industry, and mundane tasks while the Protectors act as the military and police forces. All are under the watchful eye of the Preceptors, who guide and nurture the other citizens while taking up the responsibility of leading their people and coordinating scientific research.

At least, the Humanist Alliance was run like that until the Theban Blight. A highly deadly disease with a strangely selective target of the Preceptor class, the Blight left the Humanist Alliance effectively leaderless for cycles. Combined with the ongoing civil war in the neighboring Eastern Sun Emirates, the Humanist Alliance's Protector's were unable to resist when the MILICIA was ordered to restore order in many Humanist cities. Many Protector units were forced into fighting a guerilla war as the chain of command was shattered. 

In time the Humanists recovered and an uneasy peace was made with the Southern Republic. A new generation of Preceptors is working to repair the damage done to Gropius's ordered society, and many have noted that these events show how fragile the highly-ordered society is.

The Humanist Alliance Protection Force is still on high-alert. They favor Striders more than other Southern leagues. This has been suggested as a natural result of their society's focus on teamwork and unity over individual achievement. Due tot he efforts of the Preceptors these Striders often field high-powered energy weapons beyond the technology available to the neighboring Southern leagues. Additionally they can field the Hetaroi hover tank, a design based of captured CEF designs.

With recent events they have established close ties to PAK and NuCoal. They helped PAK keep it's fleet of hover tanks in fighting condition while gaining access to technical information or the Hetaroi. Later, Humanist Forces participated in development of NuCoal's arsenal, and are now fielding NuCoal-produced Gears and tanks to augment the standard Southern designs.

Hobbyists will find the Humanist Alliance a great option, especially if they enjoy building and painting tanks and Striders. These larger models can be centerpieces for an army and the Humanists often have special variants of the common Southern designs.

Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide

Forged in Fire: Southern Field guide is a major expansion to Heavy Gear Blitz focusing on the Southern armies.

This book includes:

  • Details the Allied Southern Territories and its various military forces.
  • Comprehensive history of the Southern Leagues.
  • Developments of the War for Terra Nova.
  • Army Construction rules for the MILICIA, Southern Republican Army, Humanist Alliance Protection Force, The Eastern Suns Emirate Retinues, The Mekong Peacekeepers, and Mercenary Guild armies.

Forged in Fire: The Southern Field Guide

DP9-9266Softcover, 176 Full Color Pages
DP9-9266+PDFSoftcover, 176 Full Color Pages and PDF Download
Perfect Storm - NuCoal Field Guide

The Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide contains complete army lists for the NuCoal Self Defense Force and the Port Arthur Korps. It also continues the story of the the War for Terra Nova and is the first in a series of Field Guides for the factions in the Heavy Gear Universe.

  • Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur
  • Details on the Military Organization
  • Vehicle Compendium
  • Duelist and Ace Pilot Support
  • The Siege of Temple Heights
  • Painting Guide & Gallery
  • Datacards

This Full Color, 136-page book is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game. In addition to the core rulebook, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9191cFull Color
DP9-9191c+PDFull Color with PDF Included
Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Companion

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion is a rules supplement that adds a new and exciting style of game play to Heavy Gear Blitz! This book takes the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revises the Locked & Loaded rulebook sections with new rules flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniatures.
Softcover, 54 pages, Black & White

DP9-9997Black & White
DP9-9997cFull Color
PDFIncluded with Locked & Loaded PDF
PDFIncluded with Black Talon: Return to Cat's Eye PDF

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