Happy Valentines Day to all our fans, from the staff at Dream Pod 9. We made a fast Valentines Day graphic to share with everyone, using some Chibi Artwork from artist John Bell, Enjoy!

We made several different size wallpaper images for our fans to download and use on their PCs and Cel Phones, with the 3rd Edition Heavy Gear Blitz Rulebook Artwork previewed this week.

Facebook resizes all the images we post, so we made a post on our DP9 Forum website with full size wallpaper jpgs files uploaded. Click on the link below to the DP9 Forum post and then click on the images in the post to download them to your PCs or Cel Phones.

PC Wallpaper Sizes Available.
Screen Ratio 16:9 4K HD 3840 x 2160
Screen Ratio 16:9 HD 1920 x 1080
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

Cel Phone Wallpaper Sizes Available showing the CEF Forces (CEF, Caprice, and Utopia).
640 x 1136
640 x 920
480 x 800

Cel Phone Wallpaper Sizes Available showing the Terra Nova Forces (Northern, Southern, Peace River, and NuCoal).
640 x 1136
640 x 920
480 x 800

We are still working on laying out the new Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition Rulebook, while packing up the new Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia plastic miniature armies, along with our regular DP9 Online Store orders. Today we reveal the cover artwork for the HGB 3rd Edition Rules and give you all a bit of info on the steps of how it was made. We decided to rework the big War for Terra Nova battle artwork by artist Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe that was used for the 2nd Edition. Moving the elements around in Photoshop to make space and add Peace River,…

We just posted Kickstarter Updates today for Peace River & NuCoal and for Utopia. Last week, we picked up the rest of the Mold 1 plastic miniature sprues (Warrior, Warrior IV, Chasseur, & Cuirassier) production last week at Plasti-World Products. And we’ve been busy packing up Peace River and NuCoal armies at the office. I took a few photos of what the DP9 Office looks like stuffed with boxes of plastic sprues right now to share with you all. We still have a lot of Peace River and NuCoal Armies to get packed. Also last Friday we gave the OK…

The Dream Pod 9 Holiday Season Sale with specials of 20% OFF select DP9 products has been Extended 2 Weeks now Ending Midnight Sunday Jan. 19th, 2020. Sale products include all our Chibi Gears and Exo, Gen Con & Xmas Exclusive Pewter Minis, 4 Plastic Miniature Army Boxes, Limited Quantities of all our Plastic Miniature Sprues, all Patches, all Badlands Resin Terrain, and all Caprice minis including a new 5 set pack of the 4 small mount legs and hip resin parts. Plus select Jovian Wars products, get into the game with Jovian Wars Forces, Spaceships, Squads, Patch, and Turning…

Its already the New Year 2020 in New Zealand, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Here in Montreal its snowing and we still have a few hours to go, but the Staff at Dream Pod 9 wants to get an early start on wishing all our friends a Happy New Year! As the New Year rolls in around the world we hope you had great 2019 and that 2020 is an amazing year for you all.


We packed up the first Canadian, US, and International Backer reward packages this last weekend and shipped them this week. Rewards shipping order is based on the order of Backer pledges during the Utopia Kickstarter and include their Utopia and Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter rewards and add-ons. Backer packages with Hero level rewards and add-ons of the New Edition HGB Rulebook, which is still in layout, will only ship once the book is finished and back from the printer. Until then we’ll continue shipping the reward packages we can each week, following the order listed above.

We got some of the older HGB Infantry from various factions (previously mounted on hex bases) cast-up and glued on the newer round 40 mm squad bases to show in the New 3rd Edition Living Rulebook. Then gave them to Phil to painted up and add sand (flocking) to the base and paint it. Here are the infantry squads he painted in January, which we took photos of, then close-cut and updated their various squad pack blister sheets (shown below). They include the Southern Lizard Riders, Southern Bikes with Sidecars, Southern Bikes, Northern ATVs, CEF Grels (2 Squads + 1 Team), CEF Grels on Hoverbikes, Black Talon, Caprice, NuCoal Sandriders, and the Peace River (2 Squads + 1 Team). Plus we had Phil paint up the Xmas 2013 exclusive Command Jager and Gen Con 2014 exclusive Headhunter minis, which we sell at conventions DP9 attends and during our Summer and Xmas Sales on the DP9 Online Store, Enjoy!