We just launched the new Dream Pod 9 website today (June 17th, 2019) with better back-end software and more space to grow. The new website is easier for us to update and it should work a lot better on mobile devices. With News and Blogs sections for easy access to our latest posts and a new Galleries section with albums of miniature photos of our various games. We are still working on the Downloads section to transfer all the download files from the old website, we plan to make zip file bundles of the older content for fans to download and have the latest edition materials easy to find at the top. The Support section with Customer and Retailer Support is also still under construction and we expect to have all the links and downloads done later this week. We’ll be working hard to get any issues fixed that people spot, during this first shakedown week of the new website. If you spot an issue you can email Robert Dubois at and we’ll get on it.

Dream Pod 9 will be attending DEXCON 22 from Wednesday, July 3rd thru Sunday, July 7th, 2019 at the Morristown Hyatt Regency & Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey. President, Robert Dubois and Pod Squad Manager, Joseph Johnson will be in attendance running Heavy Gear Blitz Demo Games and Challenge the Staff Games at our booth. Here is a link to the DEXCON 22 website for those interested in more information about the gaming convention and possibly attending.

We’ll also be attending HISTORICON 2019 from Wednesday, July 10th thru Sunday, July 14th, 2019 at the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Running HGB Demo Games and Challenge the Staff Games at our booth. Here is a link to the HISTORICON 2019 website for those interested in more information about the convention and possibly attending.

Dream Pod 9 will not be officially attending Gen Con this summer in Indianapolis, Indiana. But we are trying to have a small presence in a friends company booth and have them sell our core present products to attendees. We figured that we would not have the new Kickstarter plastic minis back and all Backer reward packages shipped before Gen Con, and we didn’t want to annoy any of our amazing Backers.

For Gen Con, one of our local reps will be attending for us at our friends, Dodeca System Games booth (Gen Con 2019 Booth 264). We thank them for helping us out, its greatly appreciated. You can checkout all the great Dodeca System Games on their website at the following link.

Another small Utopia Kickstarter update today with photos of the assembled front and back plates for their plastic injection mold. Checkout the image below to see how they fit together all 6 robot plates into the front and back sides of the mold. The mold manufacturer has told us they plan to start doing testing of this mold along with the Peace River and NuCoal plastic robot molds later next week. Once the test pops of plastic sprues are done they will ship them here for us to checkout and give any comments back. Then they will do the final…

Our 3d modeler, Tony, decided to show the North some more love and made a 3d model for the Nemesis Jaguar. The original artwork showed it with LAC and LRP, we decided to upgrade them to a MAC and MRP. Checkout the Nemesis Jaguar stock model below with MAC, MRP, LVB, & LSG. And the Southern Special variant with MVB Reach +1 replacing the LVB & LSG. Plus rear and exploded parts views as well. We plan to make the Nemesis Jaguar available as a single pack pewter miniature later this summer. We’ll get the Rules Rooster to post stats…

We had Phil paint up some more Heavy Gear Blitz minis, this time the Southern Titan Attack Helicopter and Naga Strider in Roller ground movement mode using a grey paint scheme and decals. You can checkout photos of the painted minis below, taken from different angles, enjoy!

Just another small Utopia Kickstarter update today with photos of all 6 robot mold plates. The image below shows all the robot “Side A” mold plates for the Support Armiger, Commando Armiger, Support Drones, Recce Armiger, Commando Drones, and Recce Drones. They are not shown to scale, as we had to reduce the size of some photos to get them all to fit on the page. The mold manufacturer should start assembling our 3rd Plastic Injection Mold with all the Utopia robots in the next week and then do test pops of plastic to send us to checkout and give…


Fusion Models finished up the molds for the Utopian MAR-DK miniature last week and cast-up their resin parts. We assembled a walker & ground mode along with all the variant parts and then gave them to Phil to painted up and apply some of the new Utopia decals. Checkout the image below with photos of the painted MAR-DK minis of the stock model, bulwark & barrage variants, plus node upgrade from various angles.

The MAR-DK molds for its resin parts were finished up last week by Alain over at Fusion Models. We took photos of the MAR-DK’s resin and pewter parts and then assembled two of them. One in walker mode and another in ground mode, using the optional ground mode legs to be included in the pack. Checkout the attached image with photos of stock model, bulwark & barrage variants, plus node upgrade added on the back. Then we gave the assembled minis to Phil this week to get painted up, we’ll do another preview post once they are done.