After nearly a week of work on getting all the customer accounts with passwords, order history, and reward points transferred to the new online store. Then getting the old store name server info transferred and the a new ssl certificate installed. Plus delays dealing with customer support to get the email module working, followed by more emails with Amazon to get the email setup working thru them. We were finally able to start doing order testing on Friday evening and just finished this afternoon.

The new Dream Pod 9 Online Store is now officially live and ready for ordering. It’s a completely new site with extra security to help prevent any future redirects that happened sometimes when customers clicked a link to the old DP9 Online Store. The new Store has a cleaner look with large splash images of the miniatures on the main page, see attached images with this post. And pull down menus at the top for New Releases, Heavy Gear Blitz, Jovian Wars, and Other, which includes all the older game product categories and Fusion Models. The product pages have larger photos of the products that when you mouse over them, zoom in. Also when in a category section and there is more than one image for a product they will show up as smaller images on the left side of the big product image and if you mouse over them they will become the big image.

Online Store prices are in $USD, but you can change them to $CAD, GBP, Euro, or back to $USD with a pull down menu at the top right beside the checkout and login/logout buttons. Plus there are quick tabs in orange along the right side with easy access to categories, the cart, your account, search, etc. which follows you down the right side as you scroll down the page.

We have added all the new releases for our last Kickstarter. The new plastic miniature army boxes for Peace River, NuCoal, and Utopia are now available to order. Along with the Gilgamesh Command Tank and MAR-DK resin minis for Utopia and the Arbalestier pewter mini for NuCoal. Plus the Uhlan Strider, Black Wind VTOL, Jackal Two Pack, Spartan Two Pack, and Mameluk Two Pack minis for Peace River. Along with our updated HGB 3.0 Status Token Packs and HGB 2.0 to 3.0 Status Token Upgrade Packs, plus we have made individual status tokens available to order for the first time. Also, limited quantities of the plastic miniature sprues are available to order are the end of the new releases and their respective category sections. And finally the Chibi Jerboa for all our butt wheel and Chibi fans.

The pewter and resin costs from suppliers has been rising and we have had to raise our prices for the first time in over a year. Prices for resin minis have increased 10%, resin minis with some pewter parts are up 15%, and pewter minis have been increased 25%.

To help lessen this price increase temporarily we are running our Dream Pod 9 Spring Sale 2021 on the new DP9 Online Store from now to Midnight EST May 31st 2021. Where all Heavy Gear Blitz, Jovian Wars, Chibis, and Fusion Models blisters are at their old pre-increase pricing. You will also now see a Sale ends in… countdown under the price of all on sale items. Here is link to the new DP9 Online Store for all those interested in checking it out and placing an order.

The Heavy Gear 4th Edition RPG team has been working on some new slice of life elements for the world of Terra Nova. Like the Weird But Tasty fast food restaurants, we’ll be introducing the Hopper Works store in the next edition, along with a few others. We had artist John Bell draw up a typical Hopper Works sales flyer to share with you all today, the flyer image is attached with this post. Oh and HP stands for Hopper Power, Enjoy!

Other DP9 News:
The old DP9 Online Store is now shutdown. The domain name has been transferred to the new DP9 Online Store and SSL certificate installed, but we are still waiting on an activation key for one of the modules needed in order processing. We’ve opened a ticket with the module provider and hope to hear back from them soon. Once its working we’ll be able to finish our order testing and make the store live. And we’ll make another post to let everyone know.
Sorry for the delay.

The updated plastic miniatures assembly guide is designed for players who have picked up one or more of our plastic miniature army boxes for either the Northern, Southern, Peace River, or NuCoal factions of Terra Nova or the C.E.F. of Earth, Caprice or Utopia Colony factions. It includes photos of the plastic parts sprues and numbered identification of all the parts on them. Plus 3d model images and photos of assembled and painted models and assembly step photos for some of the newer models. Plus we updated models list sections to the new HGB 3rd Edition Rules game stats. And…

We got our latest Dream Pod 9 Online Store orders shipping out this week on February 24th, along with the remaining Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia, Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter reward packages. Once the new HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook is finished layout in March we’ll make it available to everyone as a free to download ebook on DriveThruRPG. Then get it printed and shipped out to Backers, who still need a copy for their reward packages. After that we’ll make it available for Print on Demand purchase to everyone and get copies printed to sell on the DP9 Online Store.…

DP9 February 2021 News: Kickstarter Update – Final Backer Reward Packages Shipping this Month, Next Shipping February 22nd, Pewter Cost Increase, and Shipping Cost Increases! Kickstarter Update – Final Backer Reward Packages Shipping this Month: Its been a long time since our last Kickstarter update and we’ve received a lot of emails from Backers asking when the new HGB 3rd Rulebook would be ready and their reward packages finally ship. This last year has been difficult for everyone with the pandemic and all the new rules around the world to keep us safe. Now each time Dream Pod 9 does…

Dream Pod 9 wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend, after a long difficult year. We asked artist John Bell to make a new chibi artwork for the occasion. Checkout his “Be My Valentine” graphic featuring CEF Chibi FLAILs (Front-Line Augmented Infantry Legionnaires).


Today we have a 53 page preview pdf with the 7 faction force sections for our plastic miniature army boxes. With the basic faction force, sub-faction forces, and their model game stat pages. Here is a link to download the preview pdf and check it out.
We also saved a few sample spread pages of the basic and sub-faction force pages, which are attached with this post. They include the Northern faction (pages 58-59), Peace River faction (pages 82-83), Caprice faction (pages 114-115), and Utopia faction (pages 126-127) spread pages.
The layout team is working hard, with the goal of having the free HGB 3rd Edition Rulebook ebook ready for everyone to download in final week of April.
Also, we’ll be doing a 2nd ebook/printed book entitled Heavy Gear Blitz Force Compendium that will include all the factions and their models in the new layout style. We plan to include an excel file of the full model lists in with the HGB 3rd Ed Rulebook downloads, while we are working on the HGB Force Compendium layout.

The HGB 3rd Edition layout team has been busy and we’re finally ready to start showing how the new rulebook layout looks. The following preview includes Rules section pages 24-25 and pages 30-31 spreads, Forces section pages 46-47 spread, see all the attached preview images with this post. Followed by the starting North section pages 52-53 spread with new short story entitled Hold The Line. Then we have a page from each of the Faction Forces sections showing the new layout of the models game stats. Including the North Grizzly (page 62), South Iguana (page 73), Peace River Warrior IV (page 83), NuCoal Chasseur (page 92), CEF F6-16 (page 102), Caprice Meggido (page 118), and Utopia Support Armiger (page 130). We’ve tried to make the new model game stats easier to use with common model stats/traits at the top and special traits of each variant right under the variant name. Plus weapon stats are now shown with an indicator “>>” to let you know if weapon is mounted on arm or is a fast turret that can be used to React.

The final page count of the full color softcover rulebook will be 160 pages have a suggested retail price of $24.95 USD at initial release. We still need a bit more time to get all the layout finished up and copy edited for typos and plan to do another update post at the end of this week. Once the layout is finally finish we’ll make the ebook available for free download on DriveThruRPG and take one week to get feedback from everyone. Then we’ll enter any final corrections and upload it to our printers to get a printed proof copy made and shipped to us for our approval. Once approved we’ll get copies printed and shipped to our Kickstarter backers and to the DP9 office. We also plan to enable the Print on Demand (POD) option on DriveThruRPG so players can order a printed copy directly using the same print files and printer we are using to get our copies printed.

We hope you all like the new layout and all the hard work that has gone into making HGB 3rd Edition what we think is the best so far.