The leaves are already changing color here in Montreal and its Canadian Thanksgiving Day again, this Monday October 14th 2019. We made a small graphic to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all have a great time with family and friends. The DP9 Office will be closed on Monday for the holiday and we’ll be back at work on Tuesday.

A quick reminder for all our Jovian Wars fans, the Golden Exo 2019 Painting Competition is on right now, with 6 categories and prizes for each below. Get painting your Jovian Wars Spaceships and Squads, take your entry photos and email them to Robert Dubois at by the end of October 2019.

6 Categories:
– Best Exo Squad (3 Exos on squad base)
– Best Fighter/Bomber Squad (3 Fighters/Bombers on squad base)
– Best Spaceship (1 Spaceship on base plate)
– Best Jovian Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
– Best CEGA Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
– Best Venus Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)

Prize for each Category Winner:
1 Golden Exo Trophy + $50 DP9 Online Store Credit.

We included a graphic with this post of some entry photos. All the entries we receive will be posted to the following DP9 Forum thread link for everyone to checkout and which also includes all the competition details. So get your Jovian Wars Spaceships, Squads, and Forces entry photos in now.…

An important Kickstarter update today to let everyone know that the 3 plastic injection molds for our new Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal plastic miniatures have shipped out from the manufacturer in Taiwan. They are on a ship somewhere in the Pacific right now, with an expected arrive date of around October 15th at the plastic manufacturer here in Montreal, barring any delays with Canada Customs.

So we’ll need to get final production numbers by October 15th, 2019 for how may pops of each plastic injection mold are needed to fill all our Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages (shipping in November / December this year) and for DP9 Online Store and Retailer/Distributor Orders in 2020. We still have a few Backers that have not logged into the DP9 Pledge Manager yet and setup their accounts. Then selected their reward level and any add-ons they pledged for during the Kickstarter. We’ll be messaging all those backers via the Kickstarter messaging system, over the next several days, with a reminder to do so.

For those of you that have already placed your DP9 Pledge Manager website order at the following link ( for your Backer Reward Package and would like to add to it with more Kickstarter Add-Ons or Products from the DP9 Online Store available at the following link ( You can email your Add-On requests to Robert Dubois at please included your name and DP9 Pledge Manager order number. He’ll get back to you with the Add-Ons cost in $CAD and then send you a PayPal money request to get paid.

Golden Gear 2019 Update: We got all 4 of the trophies finished up this week, Chibi King Cobras assembled, spray painted gold, and then mounted on the oak bases with plaques, see photo attached. Please email in your entries for the Golden Gear and Golden Exo Painting Competitions to Robert at just one entry at a time with maximum of 5 photos per entry.

It’s time again for our annual Heavy Gear Blitz Golden Gear Miniature Painting Competition, see all our 4 categories and prizes for each below. Get painting your Heavy Gear Blitz and Heavy Gear Arena Gears, Vehicles, and Combat Groups, take your entry photos and email them in by the end of November 2019. The Categories: Best Heavy Gear Blitz Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider, or Other Vehicle) Best Heavy Gear Blitz Combat Group (Combat Group of Four or more HGB/HGA Miniatures) Best Duelist Miniature (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Equipped with Duelist Weapons) Pimp My Gear (Single HGB/HGA Miniature: Gear, Strider,…

The first annual Jovian Wars Golden Exo Miniature Painting Competition is now on, see all our 6 categories and prizes for each below. Get painting your Jovian Wars Spaceships and Squads, take your entry photos and email them in by the end of October 2019. With 6 Categories: Best Exo Squad (3 Exos on squad base) Best Fighter/Bomber Squad (3 Fighters or Bombers on squad base) Best Spaceship (1 Spaceship on base plate) Best Jovian Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads) Best CEGA Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads) Best Venus Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads) Prize for each…

We have decided to extend the Dream Pod 9’s annual Online Store Summer Sale 2019 by 1 Week. It will now end on Sunday September 8th at Midnight EST. Also the DP9 Office will be closed next week for a short staff vacation, while the weather is still nice here in Canada. We’ll be back on Monday September 9th and get all the Summer Sale 2019 online store orders received shipped out that week. Place your orders now and get some great bonus gifts for larger orders. We have sale specials on Heavy Gear Blitz and Jovian Wars starters and faction…

Dream Pod 9 is attending the Otakuthon 2019 Anime Convention this weekend (August 16-18, 2019) at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal in downtown Montreal, Canada. Dream Pod 9’s president Robert Dubois and our designer/sculptor Philippe F. LeClerc will be there running demos of our Heavy Gear Blitz tabletop wargames on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be located in the Tabletop Gaming Hall along with a local retailer who will be selling a limited selection of HGB products for us during the show. You can checkout all the convention details (events, guests, etc.) at the Otakuthon 2019 website via the following link.…


Our Rules Rooster just made what we hope will be the final Feedback Friday for the Heavy Gear Blitz Rules 3.0 before the rules are finished layout and ready to be published, here is the start of his post. You can read the full post on our DP9 Forum, which includes download files for the ALPHA v1.9 Update, just click the link below.…

“Welcome to possibly the last Feedback Friday until the new rules are published. I am excited. It has been quite a journey and I personally have learned so much from this community. But don’t let me start acting like something is about to end. Let’s get to it.

This week we want to talk about Movement, Infantry and a few other items.

I want to give a special thanks to Rolando, FinnKodiak, Mmmpi, PetriWessman, Kryptovidicus, prof9844, kayuna2000 and Lloyd D. Jessee. They were having a discussion about amphibious models and how the Amphib Trait and the rules do not seem to correctly capture what is going on with the amphibious models. They also offered some very good suggestions.

The Rooster”

I’ll state a problem that our community was recently discussing first. They were noting that not all amphibious models should act the same. A Tank that floats on the surface of the water should not function the same way as a Gear that can submerge itself underwater. Also, why does the Offroad:X Trait function so simply and the Amphibious Trait seem so complex? Those complexities also allow Models with the Amphib Trait to move at questionable speeds through the water.

I took the time to consult our immersion scientists at the main office just be sure and they have in-fact deemed this 100% un-immersive. 

This also turned into a domino effect for other rules and we ended up adding improvements that we have been testing for the Movement rules separate from the Amphib topic. The end result is a very big improvement to movement as a whole. You’ll find movement much more intuitive and the chapter on Movement (Chapter 4) is also much clearer as a result.

Lastly we’ll discuss some welcome improvements to Infantry and a few other models as well.

This week Phil finished painting up the Utopia Gilgamesh Command Tank and the new Utopia plastic miniatures. We picked them up from him on Wednesday and took lots of photos. He did an amazing job, adding some dark green to their grey color scheme to match the green in the Utopia logo and finishing them up with decals. First up is the Gilgamesh, which Phil took the time to magnetize the parts before painting so that most of the larger weapons (HPA & HSC main guns and turreted MRL & MRCs) and parts (SatUp link, large side modules, and rear claws) can be easily swapped. Some of the Gilgamesh photos include the new plastic Utopia minis, MAR-DK, and the CEF’s HHT-90 Overlord Class Hovertank for scale. The Gilgamesh is now the largest Heavy Gear Blitz miniature, its HUGH! We also took group photos of all 36 plastic minis and just the Commando, Recce, and Support (Armigers and Drones together) and with the Gilgamesh, you can check them out below.

Phil now has the new Peace River plastic miniatures to get painted up. After that he’ll be on the NuCoal plastic minis, we’ll post more updates once each are done.